Hey all!

My name is Archenoth, and I’m a certified weirdo!

…well, I don’t have a certificate or anything–so that isn’t technically true. But, you see, I’m what’s known as an “ABDL”, and what that means is that wearing diapers is something that makes me happy!


As you could probably imagine, there are people who find this fact about me a little unusual, so the topic of this site is about my adventures living outside the status quo~

I plan to cover topics ranging from what it was like accepting a quirk like this as a part of my identity, as well as about my experiences tailoring my spaces to be ones where I could exist comfortably. I may even write some how-tos that other people like me might find fun, or some explanations for people who just don’t “get it”!

If you’re more interested my drawings and sketches, I have an art page! Not everything in there is ABDL, and in fact, I don’t ever really draw anything explicit. (Though, I also don’t think 100% of what’s in there could be set as your wallpaper without raising some eyebrows)

Anywho, without further ado, I hope you all enjoy this site!

Me, but elsewhere

If you want to see other things I’m up to, here are a few other places you can see just that!


Crinklewott – My Twitter! Most of my art gets posted here first, as well as my projects, weird thoughts, and ideas


Crinklewott – Code I’ve written that you’ll less likely see in casual settings

My non-diapery site

the favicon for archenoth.com archenoth.com – This is my main site! You’ll find most of my non-ABDL stuff here~