My frequently asked questions! If there was something you were curious about, it may be covered below~


Wait, do you actually like wearing diapers?

I do! Wild, right?

To me, diapers just feel really nice to wear! There’s also just something about them that makes me just a tiny bit happier every second I have one on. Not a lot of people are lucky enough to have something they can say that about!

I also find diapers cute, and cute is 100% my aesthetic, so I really like the idea of wearing them because of how it makes me feel about my self-image.

I know it’s a little hard to understand if you don’t find diapers cute yourself, but to me, their very existence just radiates good vibes.

So yes! I like being diapered~

Is this a sex thing?

Fun fact about me: I’m demisexual! So sex itself doesn’t really appeal to me for the most part. That makes labelling this as a “sex thing” kind of hard for me; because a lot of my interest in ABDL is mostly to do with inherently aesthetic sensibilities–not sexual ones.

That said, I can and do interact with ABDL in kink contexts, for sure! But that’s not exactly the way I think about it most of the time when I’m just kinda existing and vibing with the aesthetics I like.

Even so, I can’t really deny that diapers are a part of my sexuality, but sexuality itself stretches waaay beyond the bounds of just “sex things”. For example, when a couple enjoys each others’ company, or hugs, that’s not simply because of sex reasons–but that relationship is inherently a part of human sexuality.

It’s kinda the same thing for me when it comes to how ABDL makes me feel; it’s nice, but also not really salacious to me!

Do you use your diapers?


I feel like if anyone wore diapers 100% of the time, there would probably be a time or two where they would decide “eh, screw it”. I don’t like things that smell bad, and don’t want to make anyone else uncomfortable, so that factors in–but it isn’t the end of the world either.

Even so, there are definitely limits to what I am willing to do. (Which I won’t detail, to avoid getting too blue in this FAQ)

I guess a tl;dr is that I like diapers–but not what they are used for. But since I’m also always wearing them, sometimes that changes the mental algebra of this a little.

Are you ashamed of your diaper wearing?

I definitely used to be. I think when you like things that others might consider strange, it’s easy be ashamed of those things.

To make matters worse, I grew up in a place where the idea of being anything less than hyper-masculine was deeply frowned upon, so I was legit scared to even admit that I liked Pokemon! Much less being an asexual who’s entire aesthetic revolved around wearing cute things that a large percentage of the population had negative connotations with.

It took me a long time to internalize that my deviations from the norm weren’t nessecarily harmful because everyone around me had such viceral reactions to anything that wasn’t. In a setting like this, it’s especially easy to imagine this sort of thing can ruin your life.

To rationalize these ideas, I was deeply, deeply ashamed of my strange brain.

I’m so lucky I managed to eventually find a crowd that wasn’t like that. But it still took me actual years of interacting with them before I finally started letting go of the idea that I was a problem that needed to disappear, and now part of my goals are to normalize the idea of ABDL (Or any other harmless but weird quirks) in my circles so that nobody around me needs to feel the same way I did for most of my life.

So nowadays? I’ll gladly admit I wear diapers if someone cares enough to ask! I’m not ashamed of my diaper wearing, but I’ll admit it was a pretty rough road getting here.

How do you deal with telling people about your quirks?

I noticed that, most of the time, people won’t react nearly as bad as you fear they will when you tell them about most weird things about yourself. Turns out, people that know you have already judged your character, and something like this isn’t likely to change their opinion of you as much as you’d think.

But even if someone’s reaction is negative, it’s only a single data point on a vast array of things they know about you–and they will likely grow more comfortable with the idea over time. Liking diapers isn’t nearly the kind of relationship kryptonite that most ABDLs seems to assume!

For reals, you can still love, and you will still be loved.

So, be respectful, but be free!